Paige Jarman
Image of Cobalt/Turquoise/Pink mug

Cobalt/Turquoise/Pink mug



This was a very time-intensive pattern to make! With nerikomi, the more specific a pattern is, the fiddlier it is to create. Unfortunately this has resulted in some cracks in some of these mugs

Stained porcelain clay, lined with a clear food-safe glaze. Outside is not glazed but sanded smooth to touch. Fired to about 1240 degrees C.

Mugs photographed are indicative only - each mug is made from the same block of nerikomi clay, but due to variation base colour, handle colour and placement, each mug is unique.

Mugs are approximately 80mm tall x 85mm diameter

Dishwasher and microwave safe. Do not expose to thermal shock.

Normally $63.00, the seconds are discounted:
Glazed inside and out, some cracks (no more than 3) in both internal and external walls but still watertight
Glazed inside and out, small cracks around outside base that do not go through
Glazed inside and out, but glaze is thin in areas, plus small crack in handle join

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