Paige Jarman
Image of *<i>second</i>* Festival Tumbler

*second* Festival Tumbler

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Made with the nerikomi coloured clay technique, these tumblers are glazed internally with a white food-safe glaze and are unglazed on the outside. The outside walls have been sanded very smooth.

Both these tumblers have cracks on the outside. Neither of these cracks break through the internal wall and both tumblers are watertight.

The crack in the third image is a hairline one that runs along the bottom of the large blue portion.

Probably fine to put in the dishwasher (if I owned them I would), but just keep in mind that cracks weaken the structural integrity of the clay body so it would be safer to hand wash. Do not use in microwave and do not expose to thermal shock.

Dimensions: approx 80mm diameter x 70mm tall

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